2014 retrospective

Looking back, 2014 has been a very busy year – as usual one would say !

As you know, Francis joined the company in January; his experience in video-game and 3D engine development, as well as his critical thinking, have both helped in getting our technology faster and more stable, and our architecture better and cleaner.

New projects have been completed during that period: Bulgaria, Brazil, Fujairah, Bolivia, Saudi, etc. The IG software user base has grown significantly, what makes us even more motivated.

Some users have now upgraded to IG v3 and can now enjoy the many benefits offered by the new software generation.

We have significantly improved our software over the last twelve month, with massive technology development, performance optimization, graphical enhancement and new features : scene generation now being a matter of minutes, volumetric snow rendering with dynamic clearance, street lights and 3D models instancing, lighting improvement, full vegetation rendering system rewrite, aircraft tracks of history, aircraft information labels, terrain resolution improvement, high quality terrain vector data, etc.

This development effort will continue in 2015. Upcoming 3.4 release will bring some major improvements as well.
The Airport Editor will turn into a much more general Scene Editor tool, with more features, additional editing capabilities, which should lead to nicer scenes and better productivity.
Ocean, lakes and rivers will be available
Master/slave time synchronization system has been fully rewritten from scratch, you will be really surprised on how smooth your simulator will be !

Now, we would like to thank all our IG users for that great year, without your trust and support this wouldn’t have been possible.

We wish you all a merry Christmas, and all the best for 2015 !

ITEC 2014 is over !

ITEC 2014 has been a very successful experience for us.

We really want to thank all the people who have visited us, have talked to us and have shown some interest in our technology.

In the case you haven't had a chance to pick it up, you can find an electronic version of our brochure here

We have uploaded a real-time capture of the demo we have been presenting at the show.
You can download a HD version here, or watch the Youtube version below:

Download the hi-quality 1920x1080 60Hz video file

(Imagery courtesy of IGN, CRAIG andd MAPPULS)

Speaking at Eurographics 2014

We will be speaking at Eurographics 2014 and give an industrial presentation. We will talk about our IG software, of course, and describe some of the various techniques we have implemented.

You can get some further details on EG2014 website: EG2014

ITEC 2014

Imagine will be exhibiting at ITEC 2014 in Cologne (Germany) from 20th – 22nd May 2014.

ITEC is Europe’s leading International exhibition and conference for the military training and simulation community.

Please come and visit us on stand C167!

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