Rendering engine

We have been developing our internal rendering engine for nearly 10 years. We designed its architecture in a very solid and modular way. This makes it easily extendable, allowing us to keep its features constantly state-of-the-art, while keeping it stable and efficient. 

Based on a modern scene graph approach, it offers all the trendy technologies that are required to offer the high picture quality while maintaining the frame rate high. Completely shader-driven, the renderer relies on Microsoft Direct3D 11, making the technology compatible with all recent versions of Windows starting (Vista/7/8).

It offers the following features:

  • deferred rendering pipeline for unlimited number of lights
  • ambient occlusion
  • high quality smooth shadows with high range (5000m)
  • HDR and gamma-correct lighting (linear-space)
  • anti-aliasing (MSAA / FXAA)
  • scriptable particles system
  • animation and skinning (characters)
  • atmosphere and sky simulation (including per pixel visibility distance control)
  • volumetric clouds
  • 3rd party components integration
    • Lua scripting support
    • Bullet physic engine integration (including soft bodies)
    • SpeedTree™

The 3D engine is the foundation of our IG software, which is in use in 25+ sites around the world (including military), proving its robustness and stability.

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