Image Generator (IG)

With nearly 10 years experience in the Image Generator (IG) market for air traffic control simulators, with systems in use all around the world, our IG software suite can meet the requirements of nearly any kind of simulator (including flight simulators).
Delivering high quality graphics, as well as amazing frame rate performances, this new generation of image generators is powered by the latest PC technologies. This means the system benefits from the constant, and incredibly fast performance enhancements, achieved in this industry.
The in-house 3D engine is the result of 10 years research and development, and benefits from the latest technologies from both the simulation and game industries.

Download the hi-quality 1920x1080 60Hz video file

Some of the key techniques and features include:

Hi-resolution out-of-core terrain rendering with geo-morphing

  • fully correct geo-referencing
  • support for major GIS raster formats, including (but not limited to) GeoTIFF, TIFF with a world file (.tif/.tfw), JPEG2000, ECW, Mr SID, ERDAS Imagine (.img), ESRI shape file (coverage)
  • application controlled demand paging (adaptive streaming and rendering)
  • collision detection support
  • no geometry/texture/lighting popping thanks geomorphing
  • support for source image transparency channel, but also polygon coverage mask (shape file) – used by CNES Pleiades satellites for instance
  • terrain is the result of the compositing of 3 layers (bottom to top):
    • layer A: Satellite/aerial image Up to 12.5cm/pixel resolution for satellite/aerial imagery layer
    • layer B: Runway/apron/roads generic textured layer (using pre-defined materials) / resolution defined by asphalt/concrete texture, resolution more or less 1mm / pixel order of magnitude (depending on texture being used)
    • layer C: Custom painted layer containing markings + decals sub-centimeter resolution for vector/painted layer (runway, markings, etc…) (less than 1 cm per pixel)
  • global coverage thanks to core data included
    • raster data (satellite) : included 500m/pixel world-wide coverage
    • height data (altitude) : included 90m/pixel world-wide coverage

Realistic environment simulation

  • dynamic and accurate “real-time” time of the day simulation, including seamless dusk and dawn simulation
  • amazing volumetric clouds (8 different types, up to 4 layers)
  • thunderstorms (CB) with both fork and sheet lightning types (including sound)
  • fog/haze (visibility range from 1m to 100km/unlimited)
  • volumetric ground fog banks
  • rain, snow, hail, sleet of varying intensities

State-of-the-art 3D engine

  • realistic and physically correct dynamic soft shadows(every object in the scene - aircrafts, vehicles, buildings, trees - cast shadows)
  • extensive use of vertex/pixel shaders
  • anti-aliasing & anisotropic filtering
  • state-of-the art per pixel lighting
  • unlimited number of real lights with low performance overhead
  • animated characters (humans, animals) support (including animations)
  • NVidia SLI support for even higher performance

Advanced multichannel features

  • 360° multichannel support (up to 64 channels) with 60Hz
  • Automatic software and data synchronization

Picture-in-picture feature

  • free binocular mode controlled by keyboard or joystick
  • locked-on-objects binocular mode
  • cockpit mode (up to 5 different views)

Physic simulation for realistic collisions computations

Ultra-realistic aircraft models

  • damage simulation (fire, smoke, etc.) using particles systems
  • realistic aircraft lights (navigation, anti-collision, strobe, taxi, logo and cabin, etc.)
  • animated gears, engines, rotors and flaps
  • drag chutes support

Other features

  • comprehensive C++ API
  • flock of birds simulation with ultra-realistic animations
  • arrester wires support
  • jet barriers support
  • puddles

The following configuration is required for IG v3:

  • CPU: Intel i5 or better (i7 Ivy Bridge recommended)
  • GPU: Direct3D10-class GPU (NVidia Geforce GTX480 or better - GTX680 recommended for 1920x1080 and higher)
  • RAM: 4 Gb or more
  • OS: Windows Vista or later (Windows 7 recommended)

Download the hi-quality 1920x1080 60Hz video file

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