Terrain visualization

  • Our terrain visualization engine is a complete toolset allowing us to huge render geo-specific area (dimension of several hundred kilometers) at a high resolution.
  • Providing out-of-core rendering, the fully lockless streaming system allows quick loading of data with no CPU/GPU synchronization point introduction, resulting in a completely smooth experience whatever the observer move speed is. No lag, no stuttering: simply smooth.
  • The raster data can be visualized at a 12.5cm/pixel resolution or better. If that is not enough for your application, we have implemented a multiple-layer system, which allows adding details on top of the raster imagery at an even higher resolution (millimeter order of magnitude). This allows roads, marking and other similar features to be rendered in a very realistic manner.
  • All common GIS raster formats are supported (GeoTiff, JPEG2000, ECW, etc…). SRTM 4.1 data are also supported and can be provided for nearly world-wide height data coverage.
  • The pre-process step is completely parallel (multithread) and scales automatically to the number of CPU cores of the host hardware, dramatically reducing the time required by this phase.
  • The terrain engine implements a unique geo-morphing solution that makes its level-of-detail system completely popping-free. All components smoothly interpolate with no visible level-of-detail switch at all (height data and lighting).

Right click on the picture, and select "Save link as..." to get the full 3840x1200 image.

Imagery courtesy of IGN, CRAIG & Mappuls AG.
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