IG software

First-class Image Generator
software (IG) for simulators.


3D Technology

Powerful ultra-fast
3D rendering technology.


Terrain visualization

Cutting edge geo-specific
terrain rendering technology.


Software development

Visualization software
development services.

Image Generator Software

Imagine is a leading and innovative Image Generator Software provider.
Our customers are using our software suite every day, all around the world.
Offering amazing performance and rendering quality, our IG will bring any kind of simulator
to a new level (including fixed-wing, rotary-wing, fast jet flight simulators, etc.).

  •  Commercial Off-The-Shelf hardware (standard gaming PCs)
  •  Advanced multichannel features
  •  State-of-the-art 3D rendering technology
  •  Unlimited high-resolution geo-specific terrain (full geo-referenced pipeline)

Our partners (such as Micro Nav Ltd ) trust our products line, supplying their customers
with the greatest ATC Tower Simulator IG suite available on the market.

3D rendering engine

Our products are based on our internal 3D rendering engine, which means we have everything under control.
No dependency on any third-party technology and company. Whenever we need a new feature, whenever we
want to integrate a new technology, whenever a customer wants a fancy new feature, we can implement it.

  •  Modular architecture
  •  Unmatched performance
  •  Anti-aliasing (MSAA and FXAA) and anisotropic filtering
  •  Unlimited number of real lights with low performance hoverhead
  •  Realistic and hi-range soft shadows
  •  SLI

Terrain visualization

One of the key component of our IG software is our terrain visualization engine.
Our amazing technology can render huge geo-specific areas (i.e. several millions
square kilometers) at an extremely high resolution.

  •  No lag, no stuttering : just smooth
  •  Very high resolution
  •  Fast data processing
  •  Popping free level-of-details scheme
  •  Support for major gis formats
  •  Out-of-core rendering

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