V3 preview screenshots

We have been working very intensively on upcoming version 3 during the last month. We now have a stable and highly optimized very in our hands, so we decided to share some screenshot of this new amazing technology.

Version 3 key features are:

  • completely new terrain implementation, supporting the following features :
    • Fully correct georeferencing
    • Application controlled demand paging for out-of-core rendering (adaptive streaming and rendering)
    • Collision detection support
    • No terrain, no texture and no lighting popping, all level-of-detail changes are smoothly morphed and invisible
    • Support for most common GIS file formats, including (but not limited to) GeoTIFF, TIFF with a world file (.tif/.tfw), JPEG2000, ECW, Mr SID, ERDAS Imagine (.img), ESRI shape file (coverage)
    • Support for source image transparency channel, but also polygon coverage mask (shape file) – used by CNES Pleiades satellites for instance
    • Terrain is the result of the compositing of 3 layers (bottom to top):
      • Layer A: Satellite/aerial image
        Up to 12.5cm/pixel resolution for satellite/aerial imagery layer
      • Layer B: Runway/apron/roads generic textured layer (using pre-defined materials)
        Resolution defined by asphalt/concrete texture, resolution more or less 1mm / pixel order of magnitude (depending on texture being used)
      • Layer C: Custom painted layer containing markings + decals
        Sub-centimeter resolution for vector/painted layer (runway, markings, etc…) (less than 1 cm per pixel)
    • Unlimited area, while big area require more pre-processing (for instance 200x200km at 0.5m/pixel requires 12h to preprocess on a laptop)
    • Anisotropic texture filtering support
    • Core data included
      • Raster data (satellite) : included 500m/pixel world-wide coverage
      • Height data (altitude) : included 90m/pixel world-wide coverage
  • FAB terrain build time reduced dramatically
  • deferred rendering pipeline allowing an unlimited number of lights
  • many other improvements (much faster loading time, improved shadow quality, anti-aliasing on alpha-tested objects, etc...)


  Below are some (programmer art) screenshots:

(aerial imagery data copyright © 2012, Mappuls AG)

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